• SAVAGE APE is a direct FegX fork.

    Get ready for APETIME TOKENOMICS and CARDANO ADA Rewards!!! Rewards are paid out every hour! (based on trading volume)


    You don't need a lot of bullshit fluff here because you are a Savage Ape.

    Official Contract



    Our contract is an improved version of FegX. We added a feature that allows us to change the percentage from ATH for APETIME right in BSCScan. Starting out at 30% lower than the ATH so we can have APETIME more often but can increase or decrease this based on feedback from the community.


    Join in on the hype! Visit our FUD-FREE Telegram group for all the SAVAGE APE updates! https://t.me/savageape


    When the price of our token dips down 30% lower than the ATH, APETIME kicks in after two minutes. For a total of 15 minutes the buy tax is reduced to ZERO and the sell tax is then DOUBLED! Jeets will be forced to HOLD or get WRECKED! One lucky buyer during APETIME will get double the amount of tokens that they bought if they are the winner of our APESHIT PILE (Banana Reward)! 

    Max Transaction Size

    The maximum transaction size is 2% of the total supply. The maximum transaction size for BUY transactions is doubled to 4% during APETIME


    2,000,000,000 Max Buy and Sell (2%)

    4,000,000,000 Max Buy During Apetime (4%)

    Maximum Wallet Size

    The maximum wallet size is 4% of the total supply. The maximum wallet size will increase to 8% during APETIME. LOAD YOUR FUCKING BAGS AT ZERO PERCENT TAX!!!


    4,000,000,000 Max Wallet (4%)

    8,000,000,000 Max Wallet Increase During Apetime (8%)

    Total Supply


    Initial LP

    2 BNB

    Liquidity Lock Time

    Initial Lock is for a period of 2 weeks. The lock can easily be extended for a longer period of time. In fact, our plans are to lock the LP for:

    30 days at $300K Market Cap

    60 days at $600K Market Cap

    6 Months at $1 Million Market Cap

    1 Year at $5 Million Market Cap

  • Tokenomics

    Total Tax 18% Most of the time. ZERO % Buy tax during APETIME. 36% Sell tax during APETIME


    7% Payable in Binanced-Pegged CARDANO ADA Here's the ADA contract!




    5% for a stronger price floor and to wreck sellers



    5% so we can get us some good advertising going for the community


    Apeshit Pile

    (Banana Reward)

    1% this is for the lucky fucker who savagely apes in during APETIME and gets double the tokens